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The Evolution of 1200 Degrees

1200 Degrees is the result of a rich and dynamic history, marked by a shared passion for the emergency services industry and fire safety.

Originally established at different times and in diverse regions, Techno Feu, Boivin & Gauvin, and 1200 Degrees Ontario have joined forces to create a leading network within the industry.


Establishment of Boivin & Gauvin: Mr. Rolland Boivin and Mr. Yves Gauvin founded Boivin & Gauvin Inc. to provide customers with the best in fire protection equipment.


Formation of Techno Feu: Following the closure of a fire truck manufacturing company in central Quebec, Mr. Robert Traversy launched his own business, Techno Fire Inc., with two employees: shareholders Mrs. Sylvie Léveillé and Mr. Traversy himself.


Inception of Darch Fire: Founded in Ayr, Ontario, by Mr. John Darch and Mrs. Susan Miller, Darch Fire specialized in the sale, repair, and maintenance of fire trucks for central and northern Ontario.


Mr. Francois Proulx assumed ownership of Techno Feu.


Mr. Proulx. acquired Boivin & Gauvin.


Formation of the 1200 Degrees Group: The truck division of Techno Feu and the equipment division of Boivin & Gauvin merged.


1200 Degrees acquired Darch Fire.


The group now boasts over 70 employees, a large inventory worth approximately $5 million, several service units, and three service centers dedicated to serving customers across Eastern Canada.