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What is 1200˚?

Born from the merger between the E-ONE truck distributor Techno Feu and the equipment distributor Boivin & Gauvin, 1200˚ meets all the needs of fire departments in Eastern Canada. The acquisition of truck and equipment distributor Darch Fire allows us to offer coverage for Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces.

Our approach is simple: expert advice, quality products and peace of mind.

Why 1200 Degrees ?

The name “1200 Degrees” refers to the temperature a flame can reach inside a burning building, serving as a powerful reminder of our unwavering commitment to fire protection. It symbolizes the passion and determination that drive our team.

Like a flame at its peak, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our business.


Come work with our big toys!

Our team is always looking to grow, send us your curriculum vitae if you think you have what it takes!