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E-ONE Body

E-ONE is renowned for its manufacturing of robust and durable bodies, providing maximum safety to firefighters during their interventions.

Our bodies are built with high-quality materials, including aluminum and stainless steel.

High-strength extruded aluminum allows for lightweight construction while offering optimal protection against damage in the event of an accident.

As for stainless steel, it offers increased resistance to corrosion, ensuring long-term durability.

At 1200 Degrees, we are committed to providing bodies that meet the highest standards of safety and performance, so that our firefighters can perform their duties with confidence.

Extruded aluminum body

1. Uses 4 sided seamless extrusions interlocked and welded to 3/16” aluminum plating.

2. Wiring harnesses installed along extrusions provide easy access and protection from elements.

3. Drip rails are bonded to the body to reduce corrosion and direct water run-off away from the compartment.

4. Compartment interiors are finished in natural, swirled or Zolatone® with vented louvers. Wiring harnesses installed along extrusions provide easy access and protection from the elements.

5. Interlocking aluminum extrusions with aluminum plates throughout our bodies result in a strong, yet lightweight vehicle.

6. All-welded construction. Structural roll-cage body design assists with protecting the chassis in the event of a roll-over.

7. Booster tanks are cradled in floating mount system to reduce tank stress and limit road shock.

Stainless steel body

1. Body mounts include a double flex system, which allows up and down movement, creating a smoother ride and reducing stress on the main body structure.

2. For strength, 7 GA (3/16”) stainless steel tube body support structure.

3. Unitized formed body design maintains high strength with overall vehicle weight reduction.

4. 100% stainless steel body structure and steel sub-frame providing superior corrosion resistance.

5. FRP paint process consists of fiberglass reinforced panels that are cut to size, painted and overlaid onto the truck body, allowing for an automotive paint finish and enabling quick, low cost repairs. The process has been proven over a 15-year period. FRP is available with roll up door configurations.

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