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Rescue units

Every E-ONE rescue project is a unique endeavor which starts with you, the rescue operators. Working together, we will listen to the unique needs of your department and the challenges your crew encounters in the field. From this foundation, a rescue is born. E-ONE has the engineering and expertise to design and build a rig to tackle any task. Utilizing the best materials and craftsmanship available in the industry, E-ONE can make your crew’s rescue a reality.

Combo Rescue

The E-ONE combo rescue provides a blend of capabilities of both walk-in and non-walk-in rescue bodies.

Walk-in Rescue

The E-ONE walk-in rescue offers the necessary space for first responders to efficiently store and utilize vital life-saving equipment.

Walk around Rescue

E-ONE’s non-walk-in rescue can be used in a wide array of applications from technical rescue/multi-vehicle accidents, confined space/high-angle rescue, area illumination, extrication, wet rescue (with water and pump), Haz-Mat and USAR as well as many other disciplines.


Engineered to excel every day

Why E-ONE?

E-ONE trucks and emergency vehicles are made to excel every day by being the best team members and the most efficient.