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E-ONE Trucks

E-ONE is the pioneer—the leader.

Founded in 1974 by an industrial engineer with a revolutionary concept, E-ONE designed and manufactured the first modular, extruded aluminum fire truck and body.

The innovative E-ONE structure has undergone extensive successful testing well beyond industry standards for crush weight, providing first responders with the highest safety and dependability. E-ONE is the global full-spectrum manufacturer of pumpers, tankers, aerial ladders and platforms, rescues, industrials and ARFFs.

E-ONE, a full-spectrum builder of fire apparatus, is the pioneer and recognized leader in extruded aluminum and stainless steel construction. With advanced engineering, fully integrated manufacturing and a highly engaged dealer network, the E-ONE team proudly delivers strength through excellence.


Custom Fire Truck Chassis

We offers three custom chassis – Cyclone®, Typhoon® and the FC-94.

Electric trucks

Energize your firefighting capabilities and protect your crews and the environment from air and noise pollution with Vector, the first North American-style fully electric fire truck.


Versatility from the platform up! E-ONE’s platforms are all-aluminum for strength and offer dual front gates and a front console that improves visibility.


E-ONE Sets a higher standard for aerial fire apparatus.


E-ONE Pumpers deliver a world of versatility.

Rescue units

Every E-ONE rescue project is a unique endeavor which starts with you, the rescue operators.


E-ONE® Tankers were designed from the ground up to deliver the maximum amount of water to the scene with the minimum amount of personnel.


With more than 28,000 first responder vehicles in active service throughout North America and 80 countries around the world, what really sets our industrial pumpers apart is the versatility, durability and quality you’ll receive from your E-ONE® industrial pumper.


When Seconds Count, Go With the Airport Fire Rescue Leader – E-ONE.

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