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E-ONE is a worldwide designer, manufacturer and marketer of fire rescue vehicles with more than 33,000 vehicles in operation around the globe.

Established in 1974, E-ONE pioneered the use of extruded aluminum in first responder vehicles and continues to lead the industry today with innovative uses of this material along with its stainless-steel product line. Headquartered in Ocala, Florida, innovation has been the company’s driving force and continues to be the impetus behind its pursuit of new technologies. The result is state-of-the-art fire rescue vehicles recognized for superior firefighting and rescue capabilities.


Just as important as our full product line is the fact that E-ONE engineers and builds the most complete vehicle – chassis, cab, body, tank and aerial device on the market. Being a single source manufacturer, with world-class facilities in Ocala, Florida, and Hamburg, New York, E-One provides world-class service, competitive warranties, and thorough training.


E-ONE apparatus is available in both high-strength, extruded aluminum and marine grade stainless steel with each offering unmatched structural integrity for many years of service.


All E-ONE chassis frame rails are prepared in house with 110 000 psi steel and protected via a 3-coat system that results in a lifetime structural warranty and a 25 years corrosion perforation warranty as a standard.

The protective coating’s base coat is a hot dip galvanisation of the steel after which a powder coating is applied to be then covered with a polyurethane cop coat.



With each fire department’s diverse requirements, E-ONE’s modular body design and fabrication process allow flexible compartmentation to meet specific needs with one of the industry’s most durable frames. Should an accident occur, our unique all-aluminum, high-strength extrusions minimize the amount of accident damage to the cab.

Built at the Ocala plant, the modular body design offers the ability to repair the body in sections. E-ONE’s all-aluminum, extruded body is lightweight a corrosion- resistant, providing years of trouble-free service. The all-welded, tongue and groove design is superior to a bolted body that can vibrate loose. E-ONE bodies are also backed by a standard 10-year structural warranty.

Stainless Steel

E-ONE’s stainless steel apparatus body is made entirely of stainless steel, including hinged doors and the sub-frame, making E-ONE stainless steel units one of the most durable on the market.

Manufactured by the Hamburg plant, the unitized break-form construction provides a lighter, stronger stainless-steel body with double and triple bends. Unitized 12-gauge stainless steel offers improved weight distribution, increased equipment storage and water capacities – up to 1000 gallons of water on a 24,000 lb. rear axle. E-ONE’s stainless steel product offers a unique, patented Fiberglass Reinforced Panel (FRP) paint process, which offers a 12-year, non-prorated paint warranty and allows for a quick repair in the event the apparatus is damaged. The process consists of fiberglass reinforced panels that are cut to size, painted and overlaid onto the truck body, allowing for an automotive paint finish and enabling quick, low cost repairs.

The process has been proven over a 15-year period. All stainless-steel bodies are protected by a 20-year structural warranty.

Aerial Ladder

Aluminum Aerials

Since 1980, E-ONE has been building aluminium aerials and to this day, their performance has been unmatched. With a structural security factor of 2.5: 1, exceeding NFPA’s 2:1 requirement, they are the sturdiest aerial devices on the market.

Their aluminium construction reduces the maintenance cost and time while offering better performance when facing the elements. There is no need for lengthy internal scanning inspections of an aluminium aerial as it doesn’t corrode. The need for paint is also eliminated, the natural swirled aluminum finish acts as a heat reflector.

When operating on the fireground, aluminium aerials proved that they could dissipate the heat and reflect it better than any other material available on the market. E-ONE is the only aerial manufacturer who’s never seen one of its aerials have a structural failure because of the lightweight yet extremely sturdy aluminium used in its ladders.

The engineering behind E-ONE ladders also permits them to have unrestricted tip loads at all positions when operating. Therefore, an aerial with a 500 lb tip load is capable of supporting a minimum of 500 lb in any position. That capacity is insured by a 1.5: 1 security factor confirming E-ONE aerial’s position as the safest aerial devices on the market.

Integral Torque Box

Launched on the market in 1980, the integral torque box has been, since then, the base for any aerial higher than 78 feet built by E-ONE.

The concept is that in the objective to reduce manufacturing time and materials, E-ONE merged the aerial torque box to the apparatus chassis. This innovation provides a stronger, sturdier and more stable option than any other on the market.

The apparatus benefits from the integral torque box as it maximises performance and compartment space. Instead of using a frame and frame liners on which a torque box is bolted, E-ONE builds a frame/torque box combination that eliminates the need for frame liners while reducing the height of the unit’s center of gravity.

The integral torque box is built as a large box held together by baffle type cross members. The height of the torque box combined to the strength of its design makes for a frame so rigid that the extruded aluminium body principle can still be used on an aerial without having to worry about the body flexing or cracking under the torsion applied to the frame when the aerial is deployed.

With this impressive work of engineering at the base of their DNA, the E-ONE aerials are built to work in any conditions with the wheels of the ground, all you need is to make sure the truck is leveled in a safe operation zone. This concept permits to work with the apparatus front downhill while the compartments stay close to the ground and accessible.


E-ONE uses criss-cross underslung outriggers for all its aerials utilizing the integral torque box principle.

With a narrower jack stance than anything else on the market, these outriggers provide unmatched stability while remaining compact and simple. They also consume less compartment space than traditional ‘’H’’ style outriggers as they are mounted below the torque box.

Those outriggers combined to the integral torque box allow for E-ONE aerials to perform in any situation and position with an unrestricted aerial tipload, even in a hill with the wheels off the ground, your tipload capabilities will never be affected. Some apparatus even offer a jack spread of 11 feet, meaning that if you can open the cab doors, you can set the apparatus jacks.

The criss-cross underslung outriggers also provide increased speed and simplicity of deployment while exceeding NFPA standards for times of deployment through a sequential hydraulic valves system that only requires the actuation of 1 button.