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Brass Nozzles NPSH with Black Bumper

Article #WDN-
NFC’s Nozzle Series is ideal for Firefighting and Industrial applications. Our nozzles are adjustable from fog to straight stream. WDN150S Brass Series is suitable for Industrial applications such as Refineries and Chemical Plants. This model has a Maximum Operating Pressure of 175 PSI and weighs 1.6 lbs. NPSH – National Pipe Straight Hose. NPSH is sometimes referred to as "IPT" or Iron Pipe Thread. NPSH threads are straight threads and require a gasket for sealing between mating threads. GHT – ¾" Garden Hose Thread. NPT – National Pipe Tapered. This thread is most commonly found in pluming applications. NPT is a tapered thread and the seal between mating threads is made by squeezing the threads together. Therefore, no gasket is required. NPT and NPSH threads are similar in diameter and threads per inch