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BioEx Ecopol A+

Article #F.0505.0507

ECOPOL A+ is superior quality synthetic Fluorine-Free Foam (F3) concentrate for aircraft fire protection, especially class B hydrocarbon fires, and approved by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standard.

In 2017, BIOEX develops ECOPOL A, a non-fluorinated foam formulated for quick fire extinguishing of aircraft fires (hydrocarbon fires). ICAO certified.

Resulting of long and deep lab studies, BIOEX launches in 2020, the new formula ECOPOL A+. A fluorine-free foam, enriched in polysaccharide and alkyl ether sulfate, offering a more stable and effective foam on a wider variety of hydrocarbon fires. ICAO certified.

ECOPOL A+ foam concentrate is efficient against aviation fire risks such as fuel spills, landing gear fire, engine fire, fuselage fire, aircraft hangar fire …

It provides fire control, fast extinguishment combined with excellent burnback resistance. The foam forms a foam blanket above fuel and sticks on vertical surfaces as body and fuselage to create thermal insulation.

ECOPOL A+ non fluorinated foam is viable environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional film-forming foam concentrates.

This newtonian F3 foam concentrate is compatible with all ARFF foam equipment (ARFF fire vehicles, monitors, nozzles…).

Only available in 275G