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Discover the most reliable and performant extrication tools on the market!

Holmatro offers hydraulic tools and accessories that are cutting edge technology. Designed to meet the demands of field experts, the result is clear: tools that are easy to use, offer more control and are safer. Whether it be its CORE technology, LED lighting or its revolutionary 30˚cutting angle, Holmatro has no equivalent.

Proud partners of Indy Car Series since 1991, Holmatro now  also provides rescue tools to all sanctioned FIA races.

Holmatro tools are offered both connected -CORE and battery powered – EVO 3.


CORE Technology

CORE or COaxial Rescue Equipment Technology refers to the way hydraulic oil is directed from the pump to the tool and vice versa. A traditional dual hose (twin line) system consists of separate pressure and return hoses connecting pump and rescue tool. A CORE system consists of only one hose: a high pressure inner hose surrounded and protected by a low pressure outer hose. What makes this coaxial hose design possible is our patented CORE coupler. This coupler has a built-in, automatic return valve that eliminates the need for a dump valve on the pump.

Switch tools any time: Simply connect the hose and you’re ready to go!



  • Single hose system (coaxial), protected hose
  • Para-Aramid fiber reinforced hose (no steel)
  • According to international safety norms
  • Safety couplers



  • Simple set-up
  • Change tools under flow
  • Raccords “CORE” uniques brevetés
  • Coupler mounted directly on the tool
  • No pigtail hose
  • Coupling and uncoupling with one hand
  • 360˚ rotation

EVO3 Technology

Our next generation battery-powered rescue tools deliver unmatched performance at a higher speed. Especially when it really counts, during challenging extrications. Combined with a clever design optimizing the benefits of cordless, these tools offer you ultimate freedom.

With its intelligent design that optimizes the advantages of a cordless system, these tools offer total freedom, in addition to the advantages provided by the 30˚ cutter.



  • Electronic Speed Control (ESC)
  • Sealed circuit board
  • Brushless motor
  • Direct-drive pump
  • Lithium-Ion 6 amperes battery



  • Rear-mounted control handle for 360˚ access
  • Accessible battery
  • Greater operating space
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