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Since the early 2000s, many laws have been put in place and changed the landscape in which we operate in Quebec, especially companies dealing with public and parapublic sectors. Favouring the transparency of processes, fair treatment of competitors, accountability, sustainable development and environment friendliness, laws such as the Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act, the Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information and the Act respecting contracting by public bodies are put in place to promote public trust and the optimal spending of public funds.

It is within these boundaries that 1200 Degrees put in place its guidelines for donations and sponsorships. These guidelines will minimize conflicts of interest, real or apparent, and eliminate favouritism that could arise and be contrary to our company values. Given that the majority of our clients operate in the public sectors, we have deemed it essential that our policy be strict and transparent with regards to donations and sponsorships.

Each year, 1200 Degrees is solicited by many parties for donations and sponsorships. We wish to support diverse causes that are dear to our partners, our clients and our employees and we understand that our growth as a company cannot be dissociated from our engagement towards our communities. Our donations and sponsorships policy not only aligns with the new ethics standards with regards to publicly funded contracts but also facilitates the request process et clarifies which causes 1200 Degrees wishes to support.


Favoured areas

Health, more specifically children, teenagers and the elderly


Acceptation Criteria

  • The organisation must be non-profit or the event for which the request is made must be non-profit;
  • All requests must be made by email;
  • The cause supported must work to improve the quality of life for individuals, families or group of people having health issues;
  • We prefer to support foundations and non-profit organisations rather than associations or groups organising activities to support causes that they have chosen.


Exclusion Criteria

  • We do not accept bulk requests;
  • We do not sponsor events for professional associations or group of professionals, such as conventions, trips, or social activities such as golf tournaments, casinos events or oyster dinners, for example;
  • We do not accept requests made by religious or political organisations;
  • We do not support activities held outside the territory in which our company operates.


How to present your donation or sponsorship request

  • All donation and sponsorship requests should be sent through the online form 30 days prior to the event;
  • Any request made less than 30 days prior to the event will be declined;
  • Any organisation we accept to sponsor agrees to submit all document to be published through traditional or social media and all collateral on which the company logo will be displayed;
  • All requests are handled by email. Please do not phone to follow up on your request.