Context setting

Since the beginning of the 2000s, several Quebec laws changed the business rules, especially the companies who deal with the public and Semi-public sectors. Promoting transparency in their process, fair competitor’s treatment, sustainable development and environment respect, the legislation such as the lobbying Act, the information access Act and the public contract Act are intended to keep the publics confidence and proper use of public’s funds.

To be consistent with these new standards of ethic and governance, 1200 degrees has adopted a policy of donations and sponsorship to minimize conflict of interest, real or appear, as such and to eliminate favoritism approach in conflict with the values of our company. Given that our company does business mostly with publics organizations, we considered essential to have a clear and transparent process in regard of donations and sponsorship.

Every year, 1200 degrees receives several requests of donations coming from numerous sources. Our wish is to support the various causes that our partners, customers and employees are committed to, because we are aware that the growth of our business is inseparable to our engagement in the communities where we are present. Our policy of donations and sponsorship is a part of the new ethical standards of public contracts, it also aims to facilitate the process of request and to specify the causes to which we wish to be associate.

The sector that we prioritize

The Health, particularly affecting the children, teenagers and seniors.

1200 Degrees support projects with the following characteristics:

  • The organization must be non-profit one or the purpose of the event to be sponsored should be to raise funds for a non-profit organization.
  • The supported cause purpose has to serve to improve the quality of life individuals, families or group of individual who have needs in health.
  • We prefer provided direct support to foundations and non-profit organizations rather than associations or group organizing an independent activity to support the cause that they choose.

1200 Degrees does not respond to:

  • Mass mailing.
  • The requests which are not made via the on-line form will be automatically rejected.
  • We do not sponsor professional’s associations or group event like congress, travels or social activities such as: golf tournament, oyster’s supper, casino night to name a few.
  • We do not accept a request from a group with religious affiliation or political organization.
  • We do not support activities taking place outside of territory where we are present.

Procedures for request.

  • All request for a donation or sponsorship should be sent via our on-line form and submitted 30 days prior the event: all request sent with less than 30 days will be automatically rejected.
  • All organization whose request is accepted must commit to submit for our approval any document broadcasted in the media, writing or electronic, or any other document connected in any way to the activity on which our company logo will appears.
  • All request is handled via email; there is no need to call us to speed up the process.


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